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Money Savers

Stop throwing money down the drain!

Water and sewer bills in NYC have gone up over 235% in the last 10 years from $3.73 to $8.78 per 100cf (748 gallons).

A dripping faucet costs a consumer $771.19 per year and a leaky toilet costs $1071.10 per year according to NYC Department of Environmental Protection.

With a Niagara Stealth 8/10 gallon flush toilet you can cut the water from flushing by 50% using vacuum assisted flush.
Niagara Flapperless 1.28 gallon flush toilet insures you will never again have to change a leaky flapper. Their patented Flapperless technology comes with a 10 year warranty on all parts.

​Niagara Earth 9 jet turbo massage shower head adjusts from a gentle needle spray to a forceful jet spray while saving $42.84 per person per year based on the NYC 2012-2013 Water and Sewer rate of $8.78/100cf (748 gallons). A family of 3 will see a return on investment in less than 2 months.

Stop throwing money out the window!

Heating bills go up every year. Without proper windows and insulation we are throwing money out the window and through the walls. Insulating is your best defense and remember to insulate your pipes. The hottest room in the house is a room no one lives in, the boiler room. Insulate those pipes and send the heat to where you need it.

When you have oversized radiators people tend to open windows in the middle of winter throwing your heating dollars out the window. Radiators can be temperature controlled with an Oventrop Thermostatic Radiator Valve. These valves can save you 15% on your heating bills.

Argo outdoor reset controls regulate your boiler water temperature and save you fuel when your boiler doesn’t have to run at full capacity. By lowering the water temperature you use fewer BTU’s and still satisfy the heating needs thus saving 15% on your heating costs.

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